My husband and I recently had our wedding reception in Surdiman, Jakarta, Indonesia. Ever since he proposed, all I could think of was, that moment when we will say ‘I do’. Saying that I was happy is an understatement, I was more than elated! I remember how I felt a few days to the wedding – eager and a little bit, you know anxious. One week to the wedding, I was busy imagining how I will look into my partner’s eyes and exchange my marriage vows in a magnificent setting and it would be my magical moment!

Our wedding was perfect – the celebration of our everlasting love for each other. It was also a time to create and cherish unforgettable moments with family and friends, most of who live in Indonesia. Although we are from Indonesia, we presently work and live in the Philippines. Having our wedding in Indonesia allowed us to invite as many of our family members and friends. We were also planning to visit Bali as part of our honeymoon, how could we not! Bali was our honeymoon dream destination. For our wedding reception however, we choose a hotel in Surdiman, which is located in Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia.

Amazing Hotel in Sudirman, Jakarta

Strategically located in Surdiman Business District in the heart of Jakarta, the hotel provides 21st-century leisure and comfort. Here we were celebrating one of life’s greatest moments in one of the city’s most sought-after wedding venues, hotel in Surdiman surrounded by our loved ones. The hotel has stylish ballrooms ideal for oriental-themed weddings as well as stylish outdoor poolside gardens with enchanting settings for intimate gatherings.

The hotel’s wedding planners and specialists take care of every detail, all you have to do is be there and say I do. I can assure that this is all I did. I only had to relay my wedding dreams to the planners and leave the rest to them. The staff treated us as if we were part of them, helping us prepare for our special day with keen attention to detail that emanated from the heart. The food was fantastic- a combination of local and international cuisines. The drink cocktails were also super. I tell you the truth; never will I forget even the smallest detail of this day. They are forever entrenched in my mind and I know in the mind of my husband, family, and friends alike.

Wedding Plans and Honeymoon

We planned the wedding while still in the Philippines with the help of a wedding organizer. Although there were a few glitches a few days to the wedding, we quickly dealt with them, and we flew to Indonesia a week before the wedding to ensure everything was okay. Final touches included the planned flow of events and finalizing details with the wedding planners. The hotel we selected is just a few minutes from the International Airport, and all us including our friends and family had easy access to it.

We ended having had a successful wedding reception, which was a great relief to everyone. Family members and friends stayed at the hotel for a few more days while my newly wedded husband and I flew to Bali for our honeymoon. There are breathtaking sites including beaches, volcanoes, rice terraces, lakes, and more. How great it was to be back to our beautiful home country and reminding ourselves of the hospitable Bali people.

If you are planning a wedding in Indonesia, do not allow yourself to settle for less. Think five-star services and experience sophistication and elegance that will remain with you forever.