The hiking? It’s normal. And also, the rafting? Especially since there are already so many people who try, plus many commercial operators in many rivers in the world. Just prepare the money, you can try the rafting fun.

Well, if you want to try the exciting nature exploration that has not been tried by many people, the canyoning Soca is one of the best answers.

Explanation about Canyoning

The sensation that you will feel may be arguably similar to the sensation that you feel when climbing a rock, combined with the sensation that you feel when rafting. The canyoning Soca is most recommended for you. Because they will take care of everything and you will join in an extraordinary adventure that you will not regret.

The canyoning Soca is exploring the Soca river and the great Kozjak waterfall. During exploration, you will walk, crawl, climb, jump, down the waterfall, and swim. Later, you will be treated to an enchanting scene that will always remain in your memory. Very complete, right? So that’s why you must and need try the canyoning Soca excitement.

Using Single Roof Technique to Do Canyoning

In doing this canyoning, you usually have to use a single roof technique. This technique is very commonly used in canyoning. This single roof technique is usually known as rappelling and ascending on rock climbing. This technique maximizes the use of ropes to descend and climb waterfalls. Only a rope is used for canyoning. Have you imagined its extreme and are horrified to do canyoning?

Even though it looks scary, you can do it well and safely as long as you follow the security procedures. In canyoning Soca, there will be guides who always help you in canyoning. And what needs to be remembered is that canyoning is not practically done by everyone. Usually, this sport is favored by those of you who love rock climbing. To do canyoning requires expertise and also great guts to be able to conquer difficult terrain. To do this sport, you must have the equipment needed.

Test the Guts with Canyoning

Many people think that canyoning is more frightening and challenging than rock climbing. Canyoning is far more frightening because you have to conquer steep cliffs and also very heavy waterfalls. This is what makes canyoning very challenging. In addition to skills and expertise, you must prepare physically and mentally as good as possible in order to conquer canyoning properly. The choice of where to do canyoning must also be appropriate. Choose  canyoning Soca with all instructors who have been licensed and you will be guided by them will make you feel safe and motivated.